Our services offered

We are working on behalf of private individuals, local courts (on the basis of trusteeships), local authorities, lawyers, notaries, but do not provide legal advice.
Our field of activity comprises:

  • Acquiring of certificates and other documents as proof of your entitled interest
  • Establishing world-wide the identity of known or unknown heirs/ co-heirs
  • Researching on the whereabouts of landowners and mortgage creditors
  • Recording of all investigated results as prerequisite for applying for a certificate of inheritance and other appropriate measures
  • Mediating in selling and auctioneering of estates, including sale of real property
  • Supervising from the beginning of search to transfer or payment of the estate to the entitled heirs

… are your benefits

  • You outline your problem and inform us about the facts known so far, we offer a possible solution with an estimation of costs.
  • No prepayments by the client, we are working on the basis of a contingency fee.
  • This ensures a high rate of success, since we do research at our own risk.

When we contact you….

  • You should not take it as a matter of course, but you should notice that difficult, time-consuming and costly investigations have been made precedingly.
  • You can assume almost certainly that you are assigned to the group of people entitled to inherit an estate that is not over-indebted.
  • You do not have to pay anything in advance, since our contingency fee will be settled with the payment of the estate to all heirs involved.